334 thoughts on “Request”

  1. broccoli says:

    breath of the wild dlc.

    1. niknips says:

      Superliminal nsp please

      1. niknips says:

        Thank you so much

    2. niknips says:

      Starlitt Adventures Golden Stars was posted on the site but is not now showing on the site for download?

      1. NanoRoms says:

        Just copy the url and decode it using the site(Click HERE to Decode) mentioned in the post.

  2. john chiu says:

    alien isolation plsss!

  3. john chiu says:

    you are a fucking beast… keep up the awesome work! can’t wait for the updates and DLC section!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Thanks. Will finish the update and dlc part by tomorrow

  4. john chiu says:

    If its not too much trouble, showing title id for updates/dlc would be awesome, since there are multiple region versions of games. thnx in advance!

  5. Diogo Amorim says:

    breath of the wild dlc. please ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. break says:

    fitness Boxing pleaseb

  7. gamerrr says:

    animal crossing new horizons for 3ds cia? please xoxo

  8. kiko says:

    animal crossing nsp

  9. Francisco says:

    can you add the new clannad 1.0.7 update as nsp please

  10. Angel Perez says:

    Riptide NSP

  11. Francisco says:

    dragon ball z fighters nsp if you could

  12. Yen says:

    Is there any update for naruto storm 4 jpn?

  13. geko says:

    Hyrule warriors for wii u

  14. Ileana says:

    Can you do a nsp of Astral Chain and test it i heard some copies bricked switchs so I am little worried thank you very much

  15. Brandon says:

    Stoneshard nsp

  16. Andrew says:

    What the golf?

  17. cookiex3rd234 says:

    Journey to the Savage planet? thank you

  18. turde says:

    shakedown hawaii

  19. hello neighbor the original. house flipper.
    mario kingdom and rabbids. undertale (us/uk region)

    p.s thanks for giving us a safe place to download all of these games from. <3

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added: Hello Neighbor [NSP]
      Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [NSP]
      Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [DLC]
      Undertale [NSP]

  20. flash says:

    Thanks for your great Work. Whats about Katana Zero ? Thank you

  21. flash says:

    Wow. Great job. Thanks

  22. hello neighbor the original is corrupted.
    the file is corrupt and unplayable.

    and thank you for adding all those other games. they worked perfectly <3

    1. NanoRoms says:

      hello neighbor link updated

      1. thank you <3
        its working fine now ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. YesBet88 says:

    Love watching movies every morning !

  24. Hans says:

    Hi! I’d like to ask Atomicrops, please!

    1. Hans says:

      Thanks! You’re the best!!!

  25. tom says:

    xcom 2 collection ๐Ÿ™‚ please

  26. JIM says:

    XCOM2 please

  27. Jonathan says:


  28. Osvaldo Mayenschein says:

    amazing post. I just stumbled upon your post and wished to say that Iโ€™ve really enjoyed browsing your article. After all Iโ€™ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  29. Nemo says:

    Clubhouse games: 51 Workdwide Classics

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not released yet

  30. qhead says:

    xenoblade chronicles definitive edition LEGIT nsp please

  31. minecraft story mod. one drive link broken

      1. charles says:

        looling for this one too

        1. charles says:

          looling for this one too

  32. all the five nights freddy please
    house flipper

    1. NanoRoms says:

      all five nights freddy added
      house flipper not available

  33. asdf says:

    thank you and a request for a us version of smilebasic

    1. NanoRoms says:

      us version is not available

  34. MANY one drive links are broken and say 505 service unavailable however some still work. these are some i found:
    pokemon shield and sword
    super mario odyssey
    dragon quest XI
    also could u add house flipper,liberated

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Link updated.
      liberated added. house flipper not available

  35. Undy says:

    i am still trying to figure out how to download directly to google drive… unless that’s not possible?

  36. asdf says:

    any chance we could get an english version of smilebasic 4? thank you!!

  37. asdf says:

    sorry – you already tried for the smilebasic – thank you very very much for everything!!!

  38. undy says:

    how to you install the .rar files? I thought i downloaded NSP files.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      The nsp is inside the rar file. You have to unrar those files using winrar or 7z.

  39. Fate says:

    Hi, BRIGANDINE The Legend of Runersia

  40. bbking says:

    Thanks for all you do! Request for Wilmot’s warehouse and bastion

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

  41. MhysT says:

    Hello. Perception for Nintendo Switch with the update file if any. Thank you!

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

      1. MhysT says:

        Thank you very much for the upload! I’ll definitely share with my friends. Could you please also upload Outlast Bundle of Terror? Thank you.

          1. MhysT says:

            Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t noticed. Thank you for your patience! I appreciate it.

  42. Bryan says:

    TroubleDays Please ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’ll be available soon

  43. B says:

    Tales of Vesperia Please

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

      1. B says:

        Thank you! I go click the decoder adds whenever I remember they exist. You’re a one man army.

  44. Azrial says:

    Hi, could I request Final Sword and Gerty please

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I dont have it yet. I’ll post it as soon a get it

  45. Anonymouse says:

    Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not available yet

  46. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload Firewatch (NSP)? Thank you.

      1. MhysT says:

        Thank you for the quick upload! I appreciate it

  47. MadNoobling says:

    Hi, do you know where the DLC expansions are for Titan Quest (Ragnorak and Atlantis)? Many thanks!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I don’t have it in my collection. I don’t see it anywhere either

  48. MadNoobling says:

    Thanks for the quick response Nano! Appreciate it. Will keep searching

  49. Charmely says:

    Please upload Story of Seasons EU NSP. The game came out in Europe and Australia today, but somehow none of the sites I visit for NSPs have it.

    1. Azrial says:

      The US version is on here already, could you not download that, the Switch isn’t region locked.

      1. Charmely says:

        I could, but I want to use cheats and they don’t seem to work for the US version. Please upload the EU version when it’s there.

      2. Charmely says:

        Just noticed you’re not NanoRoms. Lol, disregard my comment about uploading.

    2. NanoRoms says:

      I’ll post it as soon as i get it

  50. Herculite says:

    looking update for Bloodroots v1.0.4 April

    Also update for Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn v1.3.0 Thank You !

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn Update [v196608] and Bloodroots Update [1.0.4] added

    2. Herculite says:

      Thank You! Much appreciated

  51. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload Resident Evil Revelations on Nintendo Switch with the update? Thank you.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Its already in the ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

      1. MhysT says:

        Oh I see. I didn’t came across that post as I was only using the search function. I saw that you uploaded the update though. Thank you.

        1. NanoRoms says:

          Every first party game and those which got removed by google due to copyright will be in this post. Soon paper mario will be added there as well.
          [Note: Search option or CTRL+F won’t work for those games. You have to search manually by scrolling down.]

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not available yet

  52. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload No Straight Roads (NSP) and the update if there’s any? Thank you.

    1. MhysT says:

      Oh wait nevermind. The release date got moved to August.

  53. A says:

    Is there Super Mario Odyssey? I cant seem to find it listed.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Yes. It’s added to the ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

  54. Dennis says:

    does anyone have a NSP for “For the king”

      1. Dennis says:

        Thanks alot, i searched but couldn’t find it ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. Hans says:

    Is Vigor not available yet?

  56. Azrial says:

    Hi, do you have Skyrim in NSP format?

  57. Salty says:

    the survivalists please

    Thank you!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet
      [Edit: Added]

  58. Rob says:

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available in update section

  59. flashback020 says:

    Hi Nanoroms. Good to see you back.
    Can you please upload Boomerang Fu
    Big Thanks.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not released yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

      1. MrJazy says:

        Hi NanoRoms,

        It is released, do you know if it’s avaiable?


        1. NanoRoms says:

          Yes it’s available

        2. Cutberto says:

          There’s a link?

    2. flashback020 says:

      Oh sorry. My fail.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added to the first party post

  60. Mayhem says:


    Happen to have updates for Skyrim, Zelda Breath of the Wild, & Dark Souls.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s available in update section

  61. Navi says:

    Hello, can you tell me if Hellpoint is avalaible please? Thank you.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

  62. Switcher says:


    Newest Update for Diablo 3 PLZ

    1. NanoRoms says:

      [v2.6.9.68709] added

  63. Hans says:

    Hi! Would you add โ€œMerchant of the skiesโ€, please?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not dumped yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

    2. Hans says:

      ok, Thanks!

  64. Obby Ashiofu says:

    Hello. Collar x Malice Unlimited please if it’s out.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

  65. Switcher says:

    Pokemon Sword & Shield Update 1.2.1 causes my games to crash. I’ve tried downloading the updates a couple times but didn’t make a difference.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It might be version issue. It worked for me on 10.0.4
      (Or try to delete atmos and try again)

  66. Fate says:

    Hi, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added on first party title post

  67. Larry says:

    BioShock Infinite The Complete Edition Update [v1.0.2] [NSP] [nanoroms].rar corrupt. Please correct.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Try to extract it with 7z

  68. Larry says:

    Request: Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Unless I missed it. Thanks in advance. Great site BTW. I ensure I click on the ads every time I decode.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added to first party title post
      And thanks for being with us

  69. Fate says:

    Hi, i tried use search and scroll first party title, but i cannot find Animal Crossing. only found the update and dlc.

    and thanks for informing to click the ads.
    Thumbs up for the great work.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I forgot to add it. Thanks for reminding me
      i added it now

  70. Larry says:

    Can you please fix the link for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 [010002C00C270000] [NSP]. Getting a 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE.

    Thanks in advance,

  71. William M says:

    Request: GooseBumps DEAD OF NIGHT.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not dumped yet

  72. Rafalb8 says:

    Request: Mario Odyssey Update

  73. Rob says:

    Updates for Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, & Paper Mario please

  74. Melson says:

    Hi admin possible to upload Update and DLC for ARMS?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      update v5.4.0 added

  75. Meacrob says:

    Lego City Undercover NSP please

  76. Meacrob says:

    Lego City Undercover please thank you!

  77. Milkyway says:

    Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

  78. Chiririri says:

    Collar x Malice Unlimited please!!

    1. Azrial says:

      It’s not available on any other site either, don’t you think it’ll be uploaded when it’s available, Shaolin vs Wu-Tang got delayed, so you can’t blame NanoRoms for that, they upload everything that’s available when it becomes available.

  79. G.A.M.E-HARD says:


  80. barry rosenfeld says:

    request: wutang vs shaolin

  81. wii says:

    Collar x Malice Unlimited
    pleasee :'(

  82. gamer1986 says:

    request: GooseBumps dead of night please.

  83. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload the last update of Pillars of eternity please! Thanks to you.

      1. Navi says:

        Thanks to you!!!

  84. William M says:

    hello I’m requesting JETS N GUNS 2 Thank you nanoroms

  85. William says:

    request: Jets N Guns 2 please

  86. Simon says:

    The English version of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.

  87. Julio Barahona says:

    Gleamlight please.

  88. Hans says:

    Hi! Would you upload “windbound”, please?

  89. Menahen says:

    Peaky Blinders?

  90. NanoRoms says:

    New added titles:
    Hardcore Maze Cube [NSP]
    Deathโ€™s Hangover [NSP]
    Paratopic [NSP]
    Puzzle Bundle [NSP]
    Serious Scramblers [NSP]
    Solitaire Klondike Minimal [NSP]
    Moon: Remix RPG Adventure [NSP]
    Hero Hours Contract [NSP]
    Peaky Blinders Mastermind [NSP]
    Windbound [NSP]

    1. Hans says:

      Thank you!

  91. Switcher says:

    link dead for Dead Cells [NSP]

  92. Bel says:

    Jump force usa is not out yet?

    1. barry rosenfeld says:

      there’s 2 really good games you missed jets’n’guns 2 great shooter!! and collapsed which is a good metroidvania!!! why aren’t you Releasing games like these??? not crap shovelware that no-one wants.

      1. NanoRoms says:

        jetsโ€™nโ€™guns 2 Added

      2. Azrial says:

        They haven’t been missed, just not leaked to the scene yet, no other site has them either (well except Jets & Guns 2 which was only leaked today) and the other games are not crap shovel ware, there’s some good and bad games released, same as every other system.

  93. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload the Victor Vran game with the update please ? Thanks to you.

      1. Navi says:

        Thank you so much!

  94. Wasabi says:

    Hello! Could you add Cave story+ update files?

  95. William M says:

    found a decent metrovania game that came out on aug 29. can u upload please. its called (collapsed) thanks

    1. Azrial says:

      It’s not been leaked to the scene yet, everything is a bit slow at the moment, as one of the bigger scene release groups recently got busted, so a lot of games have kinda slowed to a crawl, give it a few days and hopefully everything might start up again.

  96. Ray says:


    Link dead for Darksiders Genesis (0100F2300D4BA800) Update [v1.0.3] [v196608]

    Do you have a update for DAEMON X MACHINA?


    1. NanoRoms says:

      Darksiders link updated. Daemon x update added

  97. Hans says:

    Hi! Any news about Ary and the secrets of seasons?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not leaked yet

  98. cutberto says:

    Hi, can you upload Spinch

  99. qaz01 says:

    final fantasy XV, 10,7 ,8 & 9 (I accidentally erased my HD so getting all my games back again and i don’t see any final fantasy games here besides the crystal one)

  100. qaz01 says:

    and can you please check Astral chain. links dont work

  101. John C says:

    hi latest update pls for totally reliable delivery

  102. drigu says:

    Hi, I’m also looking for Spinch.

    Thanks for your help.

  103. Akeru says:

    Jump Force europe

  104. Akeru says:

    Captain Tsubasa europe

  105. Gf says:

    Crash N Sane Trilogy

  106. AP says:

    Minoria, please!

  107. MhysT says:

    Could you please add Hotshot Racing? Thanks.

  108. Hans says:

    hi. Could you add street power football, please?

  109. Sammy says:

    Please Hotshot Racing ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not leaked yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

  110. Sammy says:

    Hmm its out since thursday, why it takes so long ๐Ÿ™

    1. Azrial says:

      There was a couple of the bigger scene guys recently arrested and imprisoned, that’s had a big knock on effect on the rest of the scene, so not much is being cracked at the moment, except shovel-ware and smaller stuff. Just gotta be patient.

  111. Poggernaut says:

    Super Mario 3D all stars please!

  112. Alsar says:

    Inertial Drift please

  113. Larry says:

    Please correct access rights for Mortal Combat 11 DLC. Getting an access denied.

  114. Larry says:

    Please correct link for MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 Update. Getting a “Something’s not right
    The page you requested is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back in a few minutes.” error code. Thanks in advance!

  115. MhysT says:

    Can you please add Furi? Thanks.

  116. Saci says:

    xenoblade definitive edition nsp and update please

    1. MhysT says:

      It’s here on NanoRoms under First Party/DMCA Titles.

  117. Ray says:

    Happen to have a update for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker?


  118. Darren says:

    Does anyone have Hotshot Racing?

  119. Saul says:

    Switch NSP
    Mario 3D All-Stars
    + update NSP

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s on ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

  120. Hana says:

    Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom, GDrive link is 404.

  121. MAV3R1CK says:

    Nexomon 1.0.5 ?

  122. zero says:

    Bake’ n switch nsp please, i cant find it anywhere even though the game was released on eshop for a week.

  123. Moss says:

    Any sign of Hotshot Racing

  124. Sammy says:

    No sign of HShot Racing or Inertial Drift :-((

  125. Andrea says:

    Rebel galaxy outlaw?

  126. Weng says:

    Gorsd please

  127. canofsandwich says:

    Rivals of aether?

  128. Ray says:

    ARK Survival Evolved Update?


  129. mikemike says:

    BoTw still corrupted? or atleast the one i downloaded were

    1. NanoRoms says:

      When does it shows corrupted? while install or while extract?

  130. canofsandwich says:

    Night in the woods please

  131. Azrial says:

    Have you got Foregone at all?

  132. Lucifer says:

    Could you uplodad The bindig of Isaac afterbirth+ Update pls

  133. Corra says:

    If you could upload Vigil: The longest night, that would be awesome. It looks amazing!

  134. Darko says:

    Could you please add Indivisible – Japanese version published by Spike Chunsoft?

  135. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload “Return: one way trip” please. Thanks to you!

  136. andhre says:

    Would it be possible to get Hollow Knight?

      1. Andhre says:

        Thank you.

  137. andhre says:

    Would you make available “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom” please?

      1. andhre says:

        many thanks

  138. Hans says:

    Hi! would you add Carto, Please?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s already posted. Search the ‘all nsp list’ post

  139. Bel says:

    freddy fazbear’s pizzeria simulator, pleasee

  140. andhre says:

    I know it will be hard but just want to add this to the list ๐Ÿ™‚
    “Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia”

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

      1. andhre says:

        this game looks nice.

  141. Simno says:

    Hi Football Manager 2020 please

  142. Larry says:

    I know its release day, but this is my primary site so I always come here first ๐Ÿ™‚ Hyrule Warriors: age of calamity.

    Im not familiar with Discord, if its there let me know and i’ll figure it out!

    Thanks, and great site ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. NanoRoms says:

      First party titles won’t be shared here anymore. Just login discord and you’ll see the game on first party games section

      1. Larry says:

        Done! Thanks, man.

  143. woanaz says:

    can anyone upload the nsp for the following games?
    -My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant
    -Cake Bash
    -Out of Space: Couch Edition

  144. Divsluck says:

    Haven pls

  145. dede says:

    Les’sing 2021 hits francais

  146. boo says:

    Katamari Damacy Reroll

    link is not working

  147. Luke says:

    I can’t seem to fond Mario Super Circuit? I would love it if you could upload this!


  148. pirraki says:

    Please, can you add Ring Fit aventure? Thanks in advance!!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on our discord channel

  149. Shawn says:

    Is there a link for Mario Party and Mario Maker 2? Thank you for your work!!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on our discord channel

  150. Zenji says:

    Please can you add Pure Pool.

  151. River says:

    Nightshade – I notice you have it on your list but it requires google drive access. Also, is it an English translation? Thanks!

  152. Mafusela says:

    Daemon X Machina Update 11.04 that came out Dec 9, 2020.

  153. korea says:

    Sangokushi 14 with Power Up Kit Switch NSP XCI

    Korean version please
    it came out Dec 20

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Only japan and asia version is available for now

  154. Belmo says:

    Five nights at freddy’s sister location update please

  155. Hans says:

    Would you please upload the latest demo of bravely default II, please?

  156. loretrivald says:

    Road Redemption v1.0.3 update would be awesome!

  157. mgmin says:

    Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Update v1.0.2 PLZ

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on update section

  158. Clark says:

    Contra anniversary listed one not available

  159. TurnipGaming says:

    Pokemon Shield, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu would be absolutely fantastic if possible mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. TurnipGaming says:

    Also can you send a link to the discord, cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s in the right sidebar of the website

  161. MadNoobling says:

    Hi Nano, are you able to upload the 1.5.4 update for The Lord of the Ringsโ„ข: Adventure Card Game? The update dropped back in December and makes the game offline. Thanks!

  162. Leny says:

    I cant find Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on the DLC tab

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s in the discord server

  163. Vaddum says:

    Could you please add the last update for Hob: The Definitive Edition? Thanks a lot!

  164. Singe FPV says:

    Can we get Arcade Archives Gradius III

  165. Stickboy says:

    Hitman 3, xci if possible.

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