378 thoughts on “Request”

  1. broccoli says:

    breath of the wild dlc.

    1. niknips says:

      Superliminal nsp please

      1. niknips says:

        Thank you so much

    2. niknips says:

      Starlitt Adventures Golden Stars was posted on the site but is not now showing on the site for download?

      1. NanoRoms says:

        Just copy the url and decode it using the site(Click HERE to Decode) mentioned in the post.

  2. john chiu says:

    alien isolation plsss!

  3. john chiu says:

    you are a fucking beast… keep up the awesome work! can’t wait for the updates and DLC section!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Thanks. Will finish the update and dlc part by tomorrow

  4. john chiu says:

    If its not too much trouble, showing title id for updates/dlc would be awesome, since there are multiple region versions of games. thnx in advance!

  5. Diogo Amorim says:

    breath of the wild dlc. please 🙂

  6. break says:

    fitness Boxing pleaseb

  7. gamerrr says:

    animal crossing new horizons for 3ds cia? please xoxo

  8. kiko says:

    animal crossing nsp

  9. Francisco says:

    can you add the new clannad 1.0.7 update as nsp please

  10. Angel Perez says:

    Riptide NSP

  11. Francisco says:

    dragon ball z fighters nsp if you could

  12. Yen says:

    Is there any update for naruto storm 4 jpn?

  13. geko says:

    Hyrule warriors for wii u

  14. Ileana says:

    Can you do a nsp of Astral Chain and test it i heard some copies bricked switchs so I am little worried thank you very much

  15. Brandon says:

    Stoneshard nsp

  16. Andrew says:

    What the golf?

  17. cookiex3rd234 says:

    Journey to the Savage planet? thank you

  18. turde says:

    shakedown hawaii

  19. hello neighbor the original. house flipper.
    mario kingdom and rabbids. undertale (us/uk region)

    p.s thanks for giving us a safe place to download all of these games from. <3

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added: Hello Neighbor [NSP]
      Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [NSP]
      Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [DLC]
      Undertale [NSP]

  20. flash says:

    Thanks for your great Work. Whats about Katana Zero ? Thank you

  21. flash says:

    Wow. Great job. Thanks

  22. hello neighbor the original is corrupted.
    the file is corrupt and unplayable.

    and thank you for adding all those other games. they worked perfectly <3

    1. NanoRoms says:

      hello neighbor link updated

      1. thank you <3
        its working fine now 🙂

  23. YesBet88 says:

    Love watching movies every morning !

  24. Hans says:

    Hi! I’d like to ask Atomicrops, please!

    1. Hans says:

      Thanks! You’re the best!!!

  25. tom says:

    xcom 2 collection 🙂 please

  26. JIM says:

    XCOM2 please

  27. Jonathan says:


  28. Osvaldo Mayenschein says:

    amazing post. I just stumbled upon your post and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your article. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  29. Nemo says:

    Clubhouse games: 51 Workdwide Classics

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not released yet

  30. qhead says:

    xenoblade chronicles definitive edition LEGIT nsp please

  31. minecraft story mod. one drive link broken

      1. charles says:

        looling for this one too

        1. charles says:

          looling for this one too

  32. all the five nights freddy please
    house flipper

    1. NanoRoms says:

      all five nights freddy added
      house flipper not available

  33. asdf says:

    thank you and a request for a us version of smilebasic

    1. NanoRoms says:

      us version is not available

  34. MANY one drive links are broken and say 505 service unavailable however some still work. these are some i found:
    pokemon shield and sword
    super mario odyssey
    dragon quest XI
    also could u add house flipper,liberated

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Link updated.
      liberated added. house flipper not available

  35. Undy says:

    i am still trying to figure out how to download directly to google drive… unless that’s not possible?

  36. asdf says:

    any chance we could get an english version of smilebasic 4? thank you!!

  37. asdf says:

    sorry – you already tried for the smilebasic – thank you very very much for everything!!!

  38. undy says:

    how to you install the .rar files? I thought i downloaded NSP files.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      The nsp is inside the rar file. You have to unrar those files using winrar or 7z.

  39. Fate says:

    Hi, BRIGANDINE The Legend of Runersia

  40. bbking says:

    Thanks for all you do! Request for Wilmot’s warehouse and bastion

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

  41. MhysT says:

    Hello. Perception for Nintendo Switch with the update file if any. Thank you!

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

      1. MhysT says:

        Thank you very much for the upload! I’ll definitely share with my friends. Could you please also upload Outlast Bundle of Terror? Thank you.

          1. MhysT says:

            Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t noticed. Thank you for your patience! I appreciate it.

  42. Bryan says:

    TroubleDays Please 😀

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’ll be available soon

  43. B says:

    Tales of Vesperia Please

    1. NanoRoms says:
      [Thanks for downloading from this website. If you like my work please share]

      1. B says:

        Thank you! I go click the decoder adds whenever I remember they exist. You’re a one man army.

  44. Azrial says:

    Hi, could I request Final Sword and Gerty please

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I dont have it yet. I’ll post it as soon a get it

  45. Anonymouse says:

    Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not available yet

  46. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload Firewatch (NSP)? Thank you.

      1. MhysT says:

        Thank you for the quick upload! I appreciate it

  47. MadNoobling says:

    Hi, do you know where the DLC expansions are for Titan Quest (Ragnorak and Atlantis)? Many thanks!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I don’t have it in my collection. I don’t see it anywhere either

  48. MadNoobling says:

    Thanks for the quick response Nano! Appreciate it. Will keep searching

  49. Charmely says:

    Please upload Story of Seasons EU NSP. The game came out in Europe and Australia today, but somehow none of the sites I visit for NSPs have it.

    1. Azrial says:

      The US version is on here already, could you not download that, the Switch isn’t region locked.

      1. Charmely says:

        I could, but I want to use cheats and they don’t seem to work for the US version. Please upload the EU version when it’s there.

      2. Charmely says:

        Just noticed you’re not NanoRoms. Lol, disregard my comment about uploading.

    2. NanoRoms says:

      I’ll post it as soon as i get it

  50. Herculite says:

    looking update for Bloodroots v1.0.4 April

    Also update for Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn v1.3.0 Thank You !

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn Update [v196608] and Bloodroots Update [1.0.4] added

    2. Herculite says:

      Thank You! Much appreciated

  51. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload Resident Evil Revelations on Nintendo Switch with the update? Thank you.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Its already in the ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

      1. MhysT says:

        Oh I see. I didn’t came across that post as I was only using the search function. I saw that you uploaded the update though. Thank you.

        1. NanoRoms says:

          Every first party game and those which got removed by google due to copyright will be in this post. Soon paper mario will be added there as well.
          [Note: Search option or CTRL+F won’t work for those games. You have to search manually by scrolling down.]

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Not available yet

  52. MhysT says:

    Can you please upload No Straight Roads (NSP) and the update if there’s any? Thank you.

    1. MhysT says:

      Oh wait nevermind. The release date got moved to August.

  53. A says:

    Is there Super Mario Odyssey? I cant seem to find it listed.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Yes. It’s added to the ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

  54. Dennis says:

    does anyone have a NSP for “For the king”

      1. Dennis says:

        Thanks alot, i searched but couldn’t find it 😀

  55. Hans says:

    Is Vigor not available yet?

  56. Azrial says:

    Hi, do you have Skyrim in NSP format?

  57. Salty says:

    the survivalists please

    Thank you!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet
      [Edit: Added]

  58. Rob says:

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available in update section

  59. flashback020 says:

    Hi Nanoroms. Good to see you back.
    Can you please upload Boomerang Fu
    Big Thanks.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not released yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

      1. MrJazy says:

        Hi NanoRoms,

        It is released, do you know if it’s avaiable?


        1. NanoRoms says:

          Yes it’s available

        2. Cutberto says:

          There’s a link?

    2. flashback020 says:

      Oh sorry. My fail.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added to the first party post

  60. Mayhem says:


    Happen to have updates for Skyrim, Zelda Breath of the Wild, & Dark Souls.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s available in update section

  61. Navi says:

    Hello, can you tell me if Hellpoint is avalaible please? Thank you.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

  62. Switcher says:


    Newest Update for Diablo 3 PLZ

    1. NanoRoms says:

      [v2.6.9.68709] added

  63. Hans says:

    Hi! Would you add “Merchant of the skies”, please?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not dumped yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

    2. Hans says:

      ok, Thanks!

  64. Obby Ashiofu says:

    Hello. Collar x Malice Unlimited please if it’s out.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

  65. Switcher says:

    Pokemon Sword & Shield Update 1.2.1 causes my games to crash. I’ve tried downloading the updates a couple times but didn’t make a difference.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It might be version issue. It worked for me on 10.0.4
      (Or try to delete atmos and try again)

  66. Fate says:

    Hi, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added on first party title post

  67. Larry says:

    BioShock Infinite The Complete Edition Update [v1.0.2] [NSP] [nanoroms].rar corrupt. Please correct.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Try to extract it with 7z

  68. Larry says:

    Request: Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Unless I missed it. Thanks in advance. Great site BTW. I ensure I click on the ads every time I decode.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Added to first party title post
      And thanks for being with us

  69. Fate says:

    Hi, i tried use search and scroll first party title, but i cannot find Animal Crossing. only found the update and dlc.

    and thanks for informing to click the ads.
    Thumbs up for the great work.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      I forgot to add it. Thanks for reminding me
      i added it now

  70. Larry says:

    Can you please fix the link for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 [010002C00C270000] [NSP]. Getting a 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE.

    Thanks in advance,

  71. William M says:

    Request: GooseBumps DEAD OF NIGHT.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not dumped yet

  72. Rafalb8 says:

    Request: Mario Odyssey Update

  73. Rob says:

    Updates for Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, & Paper Mario please

  74. Melson says:

    Hi admin possible to upload Update and DLC for ARMS?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. NanoRoms says:

      update v5.4.0 added

  75. Meacrob says:

    Lego City Undercover NSP please

  76. Meacrob says:

    Lego City Undercover please thank you!

  77. Milkyway says:

    Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

  78. Chiririri says:

    Collar x Malice Unlimited please!!

    1. Azrial says:

      It’s not available on any other site either, don’t you think it’ll be uploaded when it’s available, Shaolin vs Wu-Tang got delayed, so you can’t blame NanoRoms for that, they upload everything that’s available when it becomes available.

  79. G.A.M.E-HARD says:


  80. barry rosenfeld says:

    request: wutang vs shaolin

  81. wii says:

    Collar x Malice Unlimited
    pleasee :'(

  82. gamer1986 says:

    request: GooseBumps dead of night please.

  83. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload the last update of Pillars of eternity please! Thanks to you.

      1. Navi says:

        Thanks to you!!!

  84. William M says:

    hello I’m requesting JETS N GUNS 2 Thank you nanoroms

  85. William says:

    request: Jets N Guns 2 please

  86. Simon says:

    The English version of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.

  87. Julio Barahona says:

    Gleamlight please.

  88. Hans says:

    Hi! Would you upload “windbound”, please?

  89. Menahen says:

    Peaky Blinders?

  90. NanoRoms says:

    New added titles:
    Hardcore Maze Cube [NSP]
    Death’s Hangover [NSP]
    Paratopic [NSP]
    Puzzle Bundle [NSP]
    Serious Scramblers [NSP]
    Solitaire Klondike Minimal [NSP]
    Moon: Remix RPG Adventure [NSP]
    Hero Hours Contract [NSP]
    Peaky Blinders Mastermind [NSP]
    Windbound [NSP]

    1. Hans says:

      Thank you!

  91. Switcher says:

    link dead for Dead Cells [NSP]

  92. Bel says:

    Jump force usa is not out yet?

    1. barry rosenfeld says:

      there’s 2 really good games you missed jets’n’guns 2 great shooter!! and collapsed which is a good metroidvania!!! why aren’t you Releasing games like these??? not crap shovelware that no-one wants.

      1. NanoRoms says:

        jets’n’guns 2 Added

      2. Azrial says:

        They haven’t been missed, just not leaked to the scene yet, no other site has them either (well except Jets & Guns 2 which was only leaked today) and the other games are not crap shovel ware, there’s some good and bad games released, same as every other system.

  93. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload the Victor Vran game with the update please ? Thanks to you.

      1. Navi says:

        Thank you so much!

  94. Wasabi says:

    Hello! Could you add Cave story+ update files?

  95. William M says:

    found a decent metrovania game that came out on aug 29. can u upload please. its called (collapsed) thanks

    1. Azrial says:

      It’s not been leaked to the scene yet, everything is a bit slow at the moment, as one of the bigger scene release groups recently got busted, so a lot of games have kinda slowed to a crawl, give it a few days and hopefully everything might start up again.

  96. Ray says:


    Link dead for Darksiders Genesis (0100F2300D4BA800) Update [v1.0.3] [v196608]

    Do you have a update for DAEMON X MACHINA?


    1. NanoRoms says:

      Darksiders link updated. Daemon x update added

  97. Hans says:

    Hi! Any news about Ary and the secrets of seasons?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not leaked yet

  98. cutberto says:

    Hi, can you upload Spinch

  99. qaz01 says:

    final fantasy XV, 10,7 ,8 & 9 (I accidentally erased my HD so getting all my games back again and i don’t see any final fantasy games here besides the crystal one)

  100. qaz01 says:

    and can you please check Astral chain. links dont work

  101. John C says:

    hi latest update pls for totally reliable delivery

  102. drigu says:

    Hi, I’m also looking for Spinch.

    Thanks for your help.

  103. Akeru says:

    Jump Force europe

  104. Akeru says:

    Captain Tsubasa europe

  105. Gf says:

    Crash N Sane Trilogy

  106. AP says:

    Minoria, please!

  107. MhysT says:

    Could you please add Hotshot Racing? Thanks.

  108. Hans says:

    hi. Could you add street power football, please?

  109. Sammy says:

    Please Hotshot Racing ! 😉

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not leaked yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

  110. Sammy says:

    Hmm its out since thursday, why it takes so long 🙁

    1. Azrial says:

      There was a couple of the bigger scene guys recently arrested and imprisoned, that’s had a big knock on effect on the rest of the scene, so not much is being cracked at the moment, except shovel-ware and smaller stuff. Just gotta be patient.

  111. Poggernaut says:

    Super Mario 3D all stars please!

  112. Alsar says:

    Inertial Drift please

  113. Larry says:

    Please correct access rights for Mortal Combat 11 DLC. Getting an access denied.

  114. Larry says:

    Please correct link for MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 Update. Getting a “Something’s not right
    The page you requested is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back in a few minutes.” error code. Thanks in advance!

  115. MhysT says:

    Can you please add Furi? Thanks.

  116. Saci says:

    xenoblade definitive edition nsp and update please

    1. MhysT says:

      It’s here on NanoRoms under First Party/DMCA Titles.

  117. Ray says:

    Happen to have a update for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker?


  118. Darren says:

    Does anyone have Hotshot Racing?

  119. Saul says:

    Switch NSP
    Mario 3D All-Stars
    + update NSP

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s on ‘first party/dmca titles’ post

  120. Hana says:

    Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom, GDrive link is 404.

  121. MAV3R1CK says:

    Nexomon 1.0.5 ?

  122. zero says:

    Bake’ n switch nsp please, i cant find it anywhere even though the game was released on eshop for a week.

  123. Moss says:

    Any sign of Hotshot Racing

  124. Sammy says:

    No sign of HShot Racing or Inertial Drift :-((

  125. Andrea says:

    Rebel galaxy outlaw?

  126. Weng says:

    Gorsd please

  127. canofsandwich says:

    Rivals of aether?

  128. Ray says:

    ARK Survival Evolved Update?


  129. mikemike says:

    BoTw still corrupted? or atleast the one i downloaded were

    1. NanoRoms says:

      When does it shows corrupted? while install or while extract?

  130. canofsandwich says:

    Night in the woods please

  131. Azrial says:

    Have you got Foregone at all?

  132. Lucifer says:

    Could you uplodad The bindig of Isaac afterbirth+ Update pls

  133. Corra says:

    If you could upload Vigil: The longest night, that would be awesome. It looks amazing!

  134. Darko says:

    Could you please add Indivisible – Japanese version published by Spike Chunsoft?

  135. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload “Return: one way trip” please. Thanks to you!

  136. andhre says:

    Would it be possible to get Hollow Knight?

      1. Andhre says:

        Thank you.

  137. andhre says:

    Would you make available “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom” please?

      1. andhre says:

        many thanks

  138. Hans says:

    Hi! would you add Carto, Please?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s already posted. Search the ‘all nsp list’ post

  139. Bel says:

    freddy fazbear’s pizzeria simulator, pleasee

  140. andhre says:

    I know it will be hard but just want to add this to the list 🙂
    “Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia”

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s not available yet

      1. andhre says:

        this game looks nice.

  141. Simno says:

    Hi Football Manager 2020 please

  142. Larry says:

    I know its release day, but this is my primary site so I always come here first 🙂 Hyrule Warriors: age of calamity.

    Im not familiar with Discord, if its there let me know and i’ll figure it out!

    Thanks, and great site 🙂

    1. NanoRoms says:

      First party titles won’t be shared here anymore. Just login discord and you’ll see the game on first party games section

      1. Larry says:

        Done! Thanks, man.

  143. woanaz says:

    can anyone upload the nsp for the following games?
    -My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant
    -Cake Bash
    -Out of Space: Couch Edition

  144. Divsluck says:

    Haven pls

  145. dede says:

    Les’sing 2021 hits francais

  146. boo says:

    Katamari Damacy Reroll

    link is not working

  147. Luke says:

    I can’t seem to fond Mario Super Circuit? I would love it if you could upload this!


  148. pirraki says:

    Please, can you add Ring Fit aventure? Thanks in advance!!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on our discord channel

  149. Shawn says:

    Is there a link for Mario Party and Mario Maker 2? Thank you for your work!!

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on our discord channel

  150. Zenji says:

    Please can you add Pure Pool.

  151. River says:

    Nightshade – I notice you have it on your list but it requires google drive access. Also, is it an English translation? Thanks!

  152. Mafusela says:

    Daemon X Machina Update 11.04 that came out Dec 9, 2020.

  153. korea says:

    Sangokushi 14 with Power Up Kit Switch NSP XCI

    Korean version please
    it came out Dec 20

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Only japan and asia version is available for now

  154. Belmo says:

    Five nights at freddy’s sister location update please

  155. Hans says:

    Would you please upload the latest demo of bravely default II, please?

  156. loretrivald says:

    Road Redemption v1.0.3 update would be awesome!

  157. mgmin says:

    Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Update v1.0.2 PLZ

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Available on update section

  158. Clark says:

    Contra anniversary listed one not available

  159. TurnipGaming says:

    Pokemon Shield, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu would be absolutely fantastic if possible mate 🙂

  160. TurnipGaming says:

    Also can you send a link to the discord, cheers 🙂

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s in the right sidebar of the website

  161. MadNoobling says:

    Hi Nano, are you able to upload the 1.5.4 update for The Lord of the Rings™: Adventure Card Game? The update dropped back in December and makes the game offline. Thanks!

  162. Leny says:

    I cant find Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on the DLC tab

    1. NanoRoms says:

      It’s in the discord server

  163. Vaddum says:

    Could you please add the last update for Hob: The Definitive Edition? Thanks a lot!

  164. Singe FPV says:

    Can we get Arcade Archives Gradius III

  165. Stickboy says:

    Hitman 3, xci if possible.

  166. navi says:

    Hello! Can you upload silver chains, please?

    Thanks to you

  167. Fate says:

    Sorry I cannot find Pokemon Sword DLC. Is it taken down?

  168. Fate says:

    Is Pokemon Sword Crown of Tundra available?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      yes. check our discord channel

  169. sapo says:

    Any chance for the Nintendo Switch Sonic CD port (NSP) and Sonic AIR ?
    I’m also looking for the Super Mario Bros port (wide screen version) and the Super Mario 64 HD Render96ex version.

      1. sapo says:

        Awesome! Only missing the unofficial Super Mario Bros port NSP (wide screen version) now!
        Also can you manage to upload the latest Retroarch 3DS emulator Citra core made by m4xw ?

  170. Ray says:


    I’m looking for Immortals Fenyx Rising Update Version 1.0.2.


  171. Navi says:

    Hello, can you upload Doom (2016)with the upload, please?
    Thanks to you

  172. Stickboy says:

    Super Mario™ 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. i don’t know how to find your discord, can you add here or tell me how to find?

    1. NanoRoms says:

      Can’t share first party games in here. pm me on discord

  173. Xavier says:

    Could you add the Disgaea 6 DLC? the アサギ DLC most importantly

  174. Me says:

    I know this may sound silly, but 20XX please? A lot of us can’t play it on PC because the controller handling of that game is seriously broken. Being able top lay it on emulator would be far more helpful than anything else. Thank you for considering the request!

  175. Ray says:


    Looking for Switch:
    Monstrum 1.0.1
    Outer Worlds 1.0.3 & DLC


  176. Caleb says:

    hi, all the google drive links say i need account access.

  177. Iroquois says:

    x-com patches seem to be broken, access required message keeps showing.

  178. Arash says:

    Can you please add
    Gleaner Heights + Update?


  179. Happypants says:

    Wind peaks please if its around.

  180. cmoin says:

    Battle Brothers , released march 11 yet nowhere to find it

  181. Salem Al suliteen says:

    MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 Update v1.0.1

  182. Vaddum says:

    Could you add the new update [v196608] for Star Renegades?
    Thanks a lot!

  183. Emmanuel says:

    Hi, could you please add NSP for “The house in fata Morgana” and “Genesis noir” please?

  184. Salem says:

    Please can you add “MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2” Update v1.0.1

    1. Salem says:

      Dude I searched for “MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE” on website but don’t see anything about this game update

      1. NanoRoms says:

        It’s in the update section

  185. Lennox : ) says:

    Dream Daddy and Monster Prom nsps please

  186. Clint says:

    Can you please post Undermine 1.1 update? I can’t find it anywhere!

  187. detective says:

    Darkside Detective Fumble in the Dark (eshop) Switch NSP Please

  188. Solomon says:

    The House In Fata Morgana English Version please.
    Its out now

  189. Kris says:

    Hi, can you add Ao no Kiseki nsp if it is available? Thank you.

  190. Belmo says:

    Can you add ultimate custom night please

  191. Ray says:

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update

  192. Payday says:

    I was in discord group, but it disapeared. Can i get the invite again plis?

  193. Spny says:

    Can you please post Everyday♪ Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family, NSP USA?


  194. johnny says:

    I’d like the NSP for “Today’s Menu for the Emiya family” too, I cannot find it anywhere.

  195. PowerMasterGuy says:

    I would like an NSP of the old 3.1.0 update for Splatoon 2 in the US region. There’s no link I can find for it. It would help a lot, thank you.

  196. Stickboy says:

    Destroy All Humans. Xci if possible, thx.

  197. SuperFist says:

    Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family. Not uploaded anywhere an entire month after release.

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